Relive the Kropotkin Now! International Conference

Had a great time attending the conference organised by Black Rose Books to commemorate the centenary of his death.

In case you missed it, you can re-watch the presentations by clicking the links below:

Day 1:

– “P.A. Kropotkin: his Individualist communism, ” Vadim Valerievich Damier (Moscow), & Dmitry Ivanovich Rubliev (Moscow)
– “Peter Kropotkin’s ethics: between philosophical dualism and radical nihilism,” Nicolai Gerasimov (Moscow)
– “Kropotkin’s Law of Mutual Aid: An Evolutionary Perspective,” Lee Dugatkin (Louisville)
– “Kropotkin’s concept of Mutual Aid and Contemporary Practice,” Denis O’Hearn (El Paso) & Andrej Grubacic (San Francisco)

Day 2

Session A:

Day 3

Session A:

Day 4:

Morning session

  • Dmitrov Museum Presentation Historic Film of Kropotkin’s Funeral (YouTube)
  • Interview with Alexandra Kropotkin (Peter Kropotkin’s daughter)

    Afternoon session
  • “Disease, Degeneration, Health and the Bio-political Dimension of Kropotkin’s Anarchist Thought,” Richard Morgan (London)

A huge thank you to Black Rose Books for organising the event, the volunteers, presenters and everybody who participated. For more information about Black Rose Books and to view their extensive collection of Kropotkin’s works:

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