Peter Kropotkin & Brighton’s Radical Heritage: A Centennial Celebration

24 October, 4-10pm, The Latest Music Bar, Manchester Street

The Kropotkin celebration is an all day event, & includes a film that takes us on a tour of Brighton’s radical past, with Bandana companero Jon Mason as our guide.

Highly acclaimed UK singer-songwriter Robb Johnson headlines this day of celebration of ‘The Anarchist Prince’, his historical connections to Brighton and the enduring relevance of his thought, playing a range of his folk protest classics. In 2018 Robb released Ordinary Giants, a critically acclaimed 3 CD song suite based on his father’s life & times. Robb was also commissioned to perform the songs for Hartlepool’s 2019 Festival concert Your Affectionate Son.

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Relive the International Colloquium ‘Peter Kropotkin: Activism and Scholarship’ organized by University of São Paulo

Opening Event

Youtube link:

Prof. Valeria de Marcos USP Department of Geography

Prof. Fábio Betioli Contel AGB São Paulo,

Prof. Adriano Gonçalves Skoda, Biblioteca Terra Livre

Prof. Heike Jöns, History and Philosophy of Geography Research Group (HPGRG/RGS-IBG)

Prof. Federico Ferretti, IGU Commission History of Geography

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100 Years With and Without Kropotkin Conference

100 years with Kropotkin: time and again, his concepts – social economy, communist reorganization, mutual aid – prove their worth for analysis and transformative action alike. Amidst the current ecological and economic crisis, Piotr Kropotkin’s immense body of work allows us to think across geography and the sciences, culture and politics, economy and ecology. However, as the neoliberal state mobilizes its full authoritarian potential to protect capitalist accumulation in a warming world, his anarchist horizon can appear distant. As we face compounding crises on an unprecedented scale, we are without Kropotkin. This means that Kropotkin cannot serve as an infallible guide to revolutionary thought and action. Instead of merely celebrating his legacy or using his work as a blueprint, this conference aims to suggest ways of adapting his varied thought to other times and places, refracting it through different approaches, and asking what it has to tell us about the crises of today.

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