Essays & Articles

Kropotkin the Biologist, Tom Ireland
The Russian nobleman-turned-anarchist was also a biologist whose research in Siberia laid the groundwork for modern biological studies of co-operation.

Kropotkin’s Ecology, Brian Morris
Peter Kropotkin died 100 years ago. But his ecological and social innovations and teachings still resonate today.

Anarchist Geography, Simon Springer
Looking at the relationship between geography and anarchism, through thinkers such as Peter Kropotkin, Élisée Reclus and Murray Bookchin.

Mutual Aid: An Alternative to Power, Tomas Pewton
Offering mutual aid as an alternative and answer to the criticism and pessimism often inherent in social critique, especially in relation to Foucault’s notion of power.

The Anarcho-Utopian Views of Peter Kropotkin, Sergey Saytanov
Saytanov distinguishes between two phases in Kropotkin’s ideas. The earlier phase he defines as ‘anarcho-utopian’, the latter as ‘anarcho-reformist’.

Kropotkin’s History of Mutual Aid
A look at the history of mutual aid given by Kropotkin from his book Mutual Aid: A Factor of Evolution.

The Free Commune, Anarchia!
A brief text clarifying Kropotkin’s idea of the commune and the difference between the ‘medieval commune’ and the ‘free commune’.